“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of… We know the truth not only by the reason, but by the heart.”

~ Blaise Pascal

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A year ago today, I experienced something that I can still feel as if it happened yesterday.

Now, when someone writes such a statement, if you’re savvy (and I know you are) you will most likely discern I’m talking about a matter of the heart. And, you would be correct.

The experience still reverberates within me. It was unlike anything I’ve felt thus far. 

Have you ever felt something so electrical within you, something so undeniable that logic just doesn’t stand a chance? Something that plunges so deep into your heart that it also pierces your soul in the process, creating a vast opening which allows feelings to flow into your consciousness that seemingly came through from an entirely different dimension?

Ahhhh, if not, I sure hope you do.

To be continued…And until then, here’s a poem I wrote in November, but it fits with how I feel tonight. I hope you enjoy it.

With All My Love, Angela 🌹~ xoxox

Numinous November
maroon shadows 
Clear Starlight
frosty mornings 
Blazing Cinnabar Skies
rustling winds
Crunching Leaves
bare trees
Hushed Ochre Moons
internalized reverence
Bountiful Gratitude 
sacred nakedness
Luminous Numinous November

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