Winter Time is Magic Time

“What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.” 

~ John Steinbeck

Here we are ~ deep in the heart of winter. The solstice, along with the holidays, have been celebrated / experienced, and now, we find ourselves facing our truths and our peculiarities, if you will, in the uniquely insightful way that the season of winter affords.

The quiet of wintertime is an excellent time to allow ourselves to let go of painful thoughts and memories.

All of them ~ old ones that have been weighing us down ~ along w any newly formed ones. 

JUST LET GO ~ it’ll be okay.

No, it’ll actually be immensely BETTER

So, release that crap (yes, that’s what it is…crap…mind crap). Your brain can get constipated, too, you know.

If a thought or memory doesn’t spark joy in your being, then: let. it. go.

Your thoughts are your servants ~ don’t get it twisted and mistakenly make them your master. (I’m still trying to really learn this).

Let all your suffering, pain, grudges, misunderstandings, shame, embarrassment, grief…all the heavy stuff…let them all dissolve into the deep indigo stillness of winter.

Close your eyes, and feel anything that’s been a source of discomfort float out of every single one of your trillion cells. The cosmos will absorb it and transmute it into Light.

Winter is a time to go into the quiet and be still.

Nature does it ~ and Nature knows what’s up.

And so, this is the magic of wintertime.

Always remember, YOU are brilliant magic come to life! Your inner light is brighter than sunlight reflecting off of freshly fallen, morning snow.

Winter is the chosen season to deepen your quest for a greater understanding of who you truly are.

In doing so, you then can understand others at a level heretofore unavailable.

It’s magical!

In this richly dark season of hushed unseen growth, you will find all the magic in the cosmos germinating within you.

Let this pure magic flow & guide you to greatness.

Greatness is your Birthright

Sending you much love & joy ~ Angela

“Wintertime Lullabies” ~ for all you Children of the Light ~ xoxox

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