How To Turn A Frown Upside Down

I like to smile, smiling’s my favorite.

~ Buddy the Elf, “Elf”

Hello, Beautiful Reader ~

Do you laugh and cry equally as much? I sure do. You could even go so far as to say that’s where I have my most balance and flexibility. The ability to bounce back from sorrow to joy is one of the best things I like about myself, what’s yours? So, this proves flexibility is not limited only to the ability to stretch your limbs and muscles, it’s the ability to stretch your emotions, as well. And, as a yogini, I know that yoga is not limited to the asanas (poses) you do on your mat. The way I find my equanimity is by   F E E L I N G   things very deeply…and then..rebounding from them safely and soundly, like a cat does, on my feet. This is not to say some sad emotions don’t still linger, it’s just that I aim to put things into a higher perspective from when I was wallowing around in sorrow.  After all, emotions are simply energy in motion, so when you shift your energy, you shift your emotions…and your perspective.

Okay, so it makes perfect sense an aspect of my personal modus operandi is:

Cry until you laugh…and laugh until you cry.

Needless to say, when I hurt, I hurt to the marrow, but, I can easily be cajoled out of an unpleasant mood. I will add, my faith runs very deep, and I trust a supremely powerful energy force (my name for that is: God)  will always guide me back to a place of equanimity. Its power has never failed me yet, and I imagine you have your own similar experiences, in that regard.

So, when life hands you challenges and heartaches and sorrows:  Feel it all. And then, find a way to feel good again. Remember you are never ever a victim…regardless of what the situation is. Claim victory over whatever has got you feeling less than stellar by realizing you have all the power within you, just as Glenda, The Good Witch, told Dorothy in the “Wizard Of Oz”:

“You’ve always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.”

Okay, so, here’s my current short-list of magical remedies that can move you forward with aplomb when life and love has you feeling down. It’s what’s been working for me today in a pretty spectacular way. Of course, there’s more than just these three charms to enchant you out of the doldrums, but let’s start with these for now:

First up:

Get yourself out in nature.

Nature heals with it’s beauty and magic.

Breathe in the air. Hug a tree. Kiss a flower. Sit on the grass. Look up at the sky. Count the stars. Listen to birdsong. Feel the power of the sea. You will feel so much better, after spending even five minutes outside, I promise. Nature loves you more than you can even imagine and it works like a beautiful charm!

Carbon Beach ~ Malibu, CA


Second up:

Dark chocolate 

Eat it. Drink it. Bathe in it. Snort it. Just make sure you enjoy it.

Yup. I don’t need go into detail on the benefits of dark chocolate, its magical powers have already been proven. So, savor it slowly and let it work its magic on you. One small caveat: don’t go too crazy with it and snarf it down mindlessly, it won’t work as well.

Dark chocolate in Paris ~ Photo Cred can be found HERE


Alrighty…and…this completes today’s trinity of mood uplifters:

Country Music!

I’ve been listening to country music for the past few days and it’s a mood-changer, that’s for sure. Just don’t let yourself get pulled too deeply into those sad country songs, okay? They’re good for a couple rounds, but then you’ve gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get yourself two-steppin’ back into your happy place. Singing and dancing to country music can take you from the pits of despair to feeling like all’s right with the world again…because it really truly is.

Here are a couple of fun country songs that’ll have your eyes sparkling and your toes tapping. And…what’s that I see?  Is that your face (along with your heart) smiling again?

I’d be willing to bet you’re smiling now, after hearing Billy Currington croon that one out. Now, here’s one of the BEST sing-along-country-songs by my all time favorite country crooner swooner: Blake Shelton.

And here’s a lagniappe…a little wisdom nugget to tuck in your pocket and always remember whenever you are feeling a little less than yourself. Always remember to stay connected to the truth of who you really are…you are a spark of the Divine!

“Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstances.”

~Bruce Barton

With So Much Love and Joy,

Angela ~ xoxox



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