We Are Magical Beings

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.”
~ W. B. Yeats


Hello, Beautiful Reader ~

On my morning stroll through the garden, these dewdrops sparkling like diamonds came along my path. They were delicately nestled in a crocheted hammock of gossamer spiderwebs and tender blades of grass–such a breathtaking treasure to behold.
What a beautiful, magical world we live in!

Nature is always fully present for us, have you noticed that phenomenon, too? For me, Nature is the one modality that always heals my spirit or heart when one (or both) of them feels broken. It starts out by a gentle soothing away of my pain with its beauty and tranquility, then, once the magical powers of Nature have been cordially invited into my being, I notice a deeper healing beginning to take place. And then, slowly, I come back to the truth. The truth being that no person, place, or experience has any power or control over my heart or mind or spirit…ever! Although it may feel that way, no one is doing anything to me…I’m doing everything to myself…and within that understanding of truth, is all the magic anyone will ever need to return to center and to stand firmly within your own power.

So, I hope you will remember how Nature is always available and ready to guide you back to the truth of who you are…you are a part of Nature, after all. You are made of stars and  magic and wonder. You are Love come to life.

We are all magical beings!

Sending You Healing, Magical, Love…More Than You Can Ever Imagine ~ Angela ~ xoxox




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