Cloudy/Sunny ~ Yin/Yang

“Faith Power Works Wonders. Those four words are packed with dynamic and creative force. Hold them in your conscious mind. Let them sink into the unconscious and they can help you overcome any difficulty.”  

         ~Norman Vincent Peal                        

Hello, Beautiful Readers ~

Some days are like how the song goes, “Gonna be a bright, bright, bright sunshiny day” and are gloriously lit by the sun. Other days the sun is still out, of course, but is covered with clouds creating a more mellow day. Cloudy days are considered yin energy which equates to calm, serene, passive energy, while sun-filled days create yang energy–the opposite of yin. So, it makes sense that you feel a bit slower on cloudy days and energized on sunny ones. Neither is good nor bad, they are both important to a healthy, balanced life.

So enjoy whatever the day brings your way. It’s there for a reason, let it be a guidepost to your day.

And of course, you have it within you to generate and create your own sunshine in at least attitude and thoughts on days that the sun is wrapped up in blankets of clouds. So think beautiful thoughts, they can change the way you see your world.

You’ve got this!

With So Much Love ~ Angela xoxox

Sunrise in Malibu, CA

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