Make Good Choices and Shine With The Brightest Light Possible

Malibu, California

After experiencing (and exiting out of) a relationship that was unhealthy, I felt terribly discouraged (temporarily) with love and life–but not with men, l must add. Although some women are prone to “man bash” after a relationship ends…not me…I love men! I absolutely know there are many high-minded and very successful men on this planet and I am looking forward to meeting at least one of them in the very near future…but I digress…

Life is full of choices. I believe “mistakes” are our greatest teachers and the choices we make creates either “good” or “bad” vibrations in our unique and personal little worlds. Our thoughts and actions create our lives! We are given, on a daily basis, opportunities to create heaven on earth or our own personal little hells. Typically within a lifetime, many heavens and many hells are created and experienced and with each one comes greater wisdom and discernment along with the ability to choose more swiftly a better path for you to journey on…a higher path…your very own golden path. Your path is all up to you and the choices you make.

So given my recent choice and the subsequent pain of my heart feeling a bit deflated, even though I knew it was the right decision/choice for me, I was so delighted to have this little wisdom nugget come back across my path. It was, indeed, an answer to a prayer–and I’m so happy to be able to share it with you, beautiful reader! I can remember watching this “Oprah” episode years ago and the impact it made on my consciousness. For it to come back now into my awareness, just underscored the fact of how important it is to make good choices and to live as healthy a life as you can…it creates your light! Your light creates your joy…and your heaven!

“I want to live my life so my aura, when it leaves, is very bright.” ~ John Diaz

Another wonderful reason to make it a personal goal to shine your brightest light possible!

Everything you do matters. Every choice you make matters. Live by the Golden Rule and feel the energy of peace increase within your heart, mind and soul.

Apply Isaac Newton’s third law of motion into your life: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” It is magical.

Choose to stay on the path of the most love and joy…it is golden!     Much Love, Joy and Peace ~ Angela xoxox

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