What Is Your Word for the Year?


Instead of making (and typically breaking) New Year’s resolutions, I prefer to choose a word for the year. A word which can be identified strongly with and personalized just for you. A word with a resounding and brilliant vibration that lights up every cell in your being. Go within, and quietly ask for it in the silence…it will then rise up, as if by magic, within you. And you will have your very own personal word. Then, let that be your focus as your new year unfolds.

My word for this year is:  MIRACLES.

And, I’m pleased to report that only four days into this new year, 2015, I’ve already experienced an incredible miracle. So, I’m here to tell you that what you focus on will, indeed, manifest. So, obviously, choose a positive and motivating word!

To enlighten yourself as to what a miracle truly is, I highly recommend a book written by Yehuda Berg titled: God Doesn’t Create Miracles, You Do. Here is a summary of miracles, taken from the book:

“There are four different types of miracles that you can create. These are important to understand.

This type of miracle adds a positive dimension to your life. Whether you get an unexpected raise or meet the man or woman of your dreams, these miracles increase the day-to-day quality of your physical life. The key to bringing positive action miracles into your life is to see all events as opportunities rather than obstacles. You should desire those opportunities, because they offer you an opportunity to transcend your nature. How? Obstacles trigger reactions within you. You worry. You fret. You stress. You whine. If you continue to do that, you can bet your bottom dollar that miracles aren’t coming your way. If, however, you resist the desire to react to an obstacle, and you view it for what it really is—the chance to rise above your instinctive nature—a miracle of equal pro- portion is on the way to you. Make no mistake. This is how things really work.
This kind of miracle takes negative elements away from your life. Examples include being cured of a serious illness, having a difficult enemy suddenly move away to a new city (or better yet, to a new country!), or coming into unexpected money to remove all your debts and those nasty legal letters. These are all removal miracles.
The key to actualizing removal miracles is to see past the pain you feel right now. Whether it’s physical, mental, financial, or spiritual in nature, whatever causes you pain also causes you to react to it. In this scenario, your reactions might include self-pity, feeling like a victim, or feeling sorry for yourself. This kind of “natural” behavior keeps natural laws of the universe in the status quo. When you accept responsibility for your pain, and realize it is payback from your own unkind behavior—in this life or a life past—you activate the power of miracles.
This is one of the most difficult miracles to recognize, because it involves knowing what didn’t happen to you. Being delayed from arriving at the World Trade Center on September 11 would be a dramatic example, but many other such avoidance miracles happen all the time. Most of them go unseen.
Suppose you find out that a friend insulted you behind your back. You have good reason to blast that person. But having just finished a chapter of this Miracles book, you decide to resist the desire for vengeance. You rise above the emotions and pain, and you treat your friend with dignity and kindness. You realize that this was just the law of cause and effect playing itself out because you probably hurt this friend in another way at some earlier time.
Guess what? You now have a miracle coming your way, flowing from the 99% Realm.
A week later, you’re driving to work. A car is destined to crash into you when you cross a particular intersection after the light turns green. The miracle energy surrounds you as you wait on a red light at that fateful intersection. All of sudden, you decide to change the radio station and search for better music. When you look down to scan the stations, you don’t notice that the light has just turned green. A few seconds pass as you scan the radio. Suddenly, the car that was supposed to crash into yours passes through the intersection. Meanwhile, you find a great song on the radio. Now you look up, see the green light, and drive safely to work, never knowing how close you came to disaster.
In some ways, this is the least dramatic type of miracle, but it’s just as important as any of the others. Like most people, you probably work toward objectives that you really want to achieve in your life; this process can take years or even decades. Finding a spouse, building a home, having enough money to travel, or becoming a successful actor or singer are all examples. The incremental miracle occurs when something that should have taken a lot longer doesn’t. One day, it just presents itself, in the form of love at first sight, an eager seller, a great business opportunity, or an unexpected phone call that propels you onto center stage. This isn’t just “dumb luck” or “good fortune.” You made it happen each time you rose above your ego and chose to proact instead of react!

You now know that you alone are responsible for producing all the miracles in your life, and this is the way God intends it. As you gradually transform your nature, step by step, you gradually unleash the power to per- form miracles.
It happens measure by measure. Your degree of internal personal transformation corresponds directly to the level of your miracle-making skill. If you’re not attracting miracles, it’s because you’re the same person you were 10, 20, or 50 years ago. However, the very act of reading these pages is setting the process of change in motion.”


 Thich Nhat Hanh, so beautifully explains how the simplest of delights are wonders to behold and miracles in and of themselves. To refresh what you already know to be miraculous and be reminded of the joy of every day miracles, please visit here.

And, I feel Wayne Dyer says it best with this bold declaration:


May this new year bestow upon you brilliant wonders, extraordinary miracles and the purest desires of your heart. May you enjoy the deliciousness of peace, radiant health and true love. May you enjoy financial success and opportunities to share the riches of your overflowing prosperity. May you be amazed at all the beauty and abundance in your world…And…May you always stay on the path of Love and Joy and Miracles.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With So Much Love ~ Angela xoxox

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