A Cup Of Amazing Energy


What’s your choice of beverage for becoming revitalized and getting your energy flowing in the morning? Although, from the above picture, it may look as though I’ve got a cup of black coffee ready to be enjoyed, it’s not. It’s something far more magical!

Coffee is a diuretic;  you need hydrating in the morning. Drinking water with lemon is a great way to go. Adding a dash of cayenne pepper to your lemon water really gets the system moving.

Lemons are alkalizing, they’re loaded with Vitamin C and serve as a great detox for your lovely liver. Even if all you drank in the morning was a glass of water with lemon, that would work wonders for your body.

Cayenne pepper gets your metabolism revved up, since it stimulates your circulatory system. So adding a dash of that is a great way to give your system a boost and regulate hunger cravings.

Now for the magical ingredient! Blackstrap Molasses. Organic. Unsulphered.


And here’s why:


This nourishing sweetener, loaded with nutrients, is marvelous for your health and well being. And although you may not know what to expect of the taste of lemons, cayenne, and molasses all combined in a mug of hot water, I am here to tell you it tastes much better than you might imagine!  The molasses gives the drink a rich, caramelized depth, while the lemon brightens it and the cayenne gives it some zest. And, oh, the benefits! Just reflecting on all the good you’re doing for your body makes it go down super easy!  Here’s the recipe:

A Cup Of Amazing Energy


  • One beautiful, fresh lemon
  • Pinch of organic cayenne pepper
  • 1 Tablespoon organic, unsulphered, blackstrap molasses
  • Hot water; enough to fill your cup or mug


While bringing your water to a boil, (I use a teakettle, but use whatever method suits you best) squeeze ALL the juice from the lemon into your mug. Now, this may be too much for your taste buds, so if it sounds like way too much lemon, please adjust, but do work your way up to using all the juice from the lemon…because it is SO GOOD for you! Make certain all seeds are removed; and if a bit of pulp is going to annoy you, (it does me, sometimes) by all means put your juice through a strainer. Beautiful! Now, add the pinch of cayenne and tablespoon of molasses to the lemon juice and pour in enough hot water to fill the mug. Stir until all is blended well together. Sip and enjoy feeling your energy levels rising.

BONUS:  You won’t experience the energy crash / jitters that so often happens after drinking coffee. This will sustain you for a large part of your day…it truly is magical! Bottoms up!!


Enjoy a day full of vim and vigor and creativity, beautiful reader!  Much Love ~ Angela xoxo


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