How To See Miracles Even When You’re Tired And Discouraged


The beloved teacher, author, poet and Zen Buddhist Master, Thich Nhat Hanh, made international headlines this week, after suffering a brain hemorrhage. He is responding well and surrounded by love, light and the healing prayers of many.

So today, I’d like to dedicate my Sunday post to him and share one of my favorite quotes from him.

This beautiful quote helps bring awareness into your mind of the miracles happening around you in the present moment. It’s from his inspiring book, “Essential Writings”.

“Around us, life bursts with miracles–a glass of water, a ray of sunshine, a leaf, a caterpillar, a flower, laughter, raindrops. If you live in awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere. Each human being is a multiplicity of miracles. Eyes that see thousands of colors, shapes, and forms; ears that hear a bee flying or a thunderclap; a brain that ponders a speck of dust as easily as the entire cosmos; a heart that beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of all beings. When we are tired and feel discouraged by life’s daily struggles, we may not notice these miracles, but they are always there.”

Enjoy the incredible miracles in your beautiful life and have a wonderful, prosperous, joyful new week!  Much Love ~ Angela xoxox


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