Moving Your Mountains With Faith The Size Of A Mustard Seed


As a little girl, whenever I heard how having faith the size of a mustard seed would move mountains, I could never comprehend such a thing. How in the world could having faith move a MOUNTAIN, I would wonder, and why would anyone want to move a mountain, for that matter.  Now, as time has progressed forward, I understand it as the metaphorical mountain it was meant to be:  the mountain created by our minds. And, having just a wee bit of faith truly does create the energy necessary to move the mountain of worrisome negative thoughts out of your mind. This transformation from worry and fear to faith and trust is spiritual alchemy and how miracles are created.

Just the other day, as I stood in front of the spice rack in my local grocery store, my eyes landed on mustard seeds…and, wow, they really are tiny! I brought a jar of mustard seeds home and am keeping them in a decorative box, so whenever I feel my faith slipping, I open the box as a reminder to muster up some faith the size of this teeny-tiny seed. I’m finding that it really works! So, I highly recommend buying some mustard seeds, as a reminder, to keep you firmly grounded in your faith. Here’s a pic of a mustard seed on a rose petal, using the petal as comparison, to show you how small they actually are.


In this video, Oprah Winfrey wisely shares how anything is possible by having the power of faith in your life, while demonstrating how miniscule a mustard seed really is by holding one in her hand:

And, if you’re in the mood for some musical inspiration, this soothing and uplifting song, “Have A Little Faith In Me” sung by Jewel, can really help ease your troubled mind:

So, it only takes a soupcon of faith to move your mental mountain. Faith is trusting that a loving, omnipotent energy enormously greater than yourself (or any mountain) is in charge, and with that faith alone, you can move any obstacle! What a beautiful and welcome relief!

I’d like to close with a favorite quote from Rabindranath Tagore:

“Faith is the bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark.”

Keep your faith strong, beautiful reader!  Much Love ~ Angela xoxox


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