Why I Love My Body

Sharing this empowering video with you…it’s for everyone…not only women. It serves as a wise reminder that releasing excess weight is just one component of being healthy. Releasing negative, destructive thoughts of yourself and others is another important element in becoming balanced and complete. It’s also important to lovingly, yet firmly, release those around you who are critical/judgmental or competitive…your true friends and loved ones (which includes yourself) will never bring such unhealthy qualities into your relationship.

Love and nurture your beautiful amazing body, wherever it may be on the journey of your life. Remember, your body is a golden temple…it’s directly connected to Divine Source/God energy. YOU, beautiful reader, are a miracle! So honor the power of your being by extending kindness to yourself and others…always. Rise above pettiness and low vibrations and shine bright like the star you are!  Much Love ~ Angela xoxox

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